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The reputation of Luis-Vincent Group Inc.for integrity and fair dealing is one of its most important and valuable assets. No amount of money or salesmanship can repair Luis-Vincent Group Inc.'s reputation.


Only hard work, honesty and conformance to the Code of Ethics can preserve and strengthen this asset. Further, Luis-Vincent Group Inc. is committed to providing its work consistent with the highest industry standards of safety and quality..

Ethics and Compliance

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is
no education at all."


Luis-Vincent Group Inc. serves the national interest by performing various construction contracts and subcontracts, many of which are done for the federal government as well as state and local governments. Since Luis-Vincent Group Inc. works on both private and public contracts, the ethical principles in the Code of Ethics are to be followed in all of its work. U.S. citizens expect that government officials and the contractors performing government contract work will adhere to very high standards of ethical conduct. Luis-Vincent Group Inc. shares that belief. The public expects our conduct, both as a corporation and as individuals, to be honest and above reproach. Maintaining these standards for all of our work enhances Luis-Vincent's reputation and benefits us by establishing Luis-Vincent as a responsible and trustworthy contractor. 

Luis-Vincent unequivocally expects you, either as an associate, supervisor, executive, subcontractor, supplier or concerned citizen to ensure conformance to ethical standards. As an associate, supervisor or executive of Luis-Vincent, you must ensure that your actions reflect our commitment to honesty and fair dealing. Your conduct must be open, above board and able to withstand external evaluation at all times. 

Every company has the dual objective of excelling in its operations and earning a profit; neither can be achieved if the standards within the Code of Ethics is not followed.

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