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“My crown is called stone,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

Markus W. Balke 


LUIS VINCENT GRANITE INC., based in New York NY, was founded in 2006 in Baltimore MD
and is the leading distributor of slabs, flooring, wall tile and landscaping products in North America and Europe
​with global operations include the following:

 Importing over 2,000 containers annually from 21 countries and maintaining two distribution center on the East coast:
  • Houston TX,
  • Baltimore MD
and two distribution center in Europe :
  •   Antwerp/Belgium,
  •   Leixous/Portugal
Managing 1.0 million square feet of inventory.  Integrating our worldwide network that includes international purchasing offices in Xiamen/China, Cologne/Germany and Cape Town /SA.

LV strategy is to work with our customers and architects to enhance the homes and public projects in North America and Europe by providing a wide selection of products that are innovative, affordable, and accessible from a single supplier.
LV offers the most competitively priced products with the widest selection and most rapid delivery times available.

LV's selections include over 1,000 SKUs including natural stone (granite, gabbro, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, quartzite and sandstone, porcelain, ceramic, glass and QUASAR).


"Creativity arises from our ability to see things from many different angles."

Pablo Picasso

Natural Stone reflect the creativity of nature itself.

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